Ultrasound Sonic Healing

Ultrasound sonic healing is an non-invasive technique for removing physical discomfort, improving blood circulation, and inducing tissue repair. Ultrasound sonic healing uses soundwaves that come from a transducer head to penetrate soft tissue. The process provides deep heating to tissuewhich is designed to ease pain in the body. It can also be used to cause cavitation in order to break up tissue and deposits like kidney stones.

Ultrasound sonic healing treatments are very common amongst individuals who struggle with chronic neck and back pain, myofascial pain syndrome, certain forms of cancer, osteoarthritis, nerve pain, abnormal tumor growth, tendinitis, and bursitis.

Frequently Asked Questions

If done properly, you should not feel anything during an ultrasound service except for the cool gel placed on the skin at the beginning of your appointment.

You should not partake in ultrasound therapy if you’re pregnant or you have a heart regulation device such as a pacemaker. Also, the treatment should not be done over certain areas of the body. That includes areas around broken bones, implanted medical devices, and cancerous tumors.

Yes. The FDA has approved ultrasound therapy as a treatment method for chronic pain. Studies suggest that it’s a great alternative treatment option or complement to invasive types of treatment like surgery.

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