Red Light Therapy

LEDs proffer divergent wavelengths of indirect light to the body. LEDs are similar to laser diodes, but their light is more diffused, unlike an intensely focused beam of light emanating from a laser. This diffused light makes use incredibly safe.

Red light therapy can stimulate blood flow and lymph circulation, relax the muscles, alleviate pain, and speed up various body processes that lead to healing. It is also completely safe to use, does not affect physiological functions negatively, delivers quick and effective results, and requires no invasive procedures. It has proved effective at treating not only pain and fatigue concerns, but a number of acute and chronic skeletal issues as well. Several patients may also elect to purchase lights to enable them to continue therapy at home between office visits. Schedule a visit to Porter County Chiropractic Clinic to see what all the hype is about!

Frequently Asked Questions

Red light therapy increases cellular health and energy production, has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, is used to regenerate skin cells, speeds up the healing of sores, assists in the recovery process from acne, wounds, and burns, and improves sleep quality.

Blue light therapy uses wavelengths of 450 to 490 nm blue light and is primarily used to treat acne. Red light therapy uses longer wavelengths between 620 and 750 nm and is primarily used as an anti-inflammatory.

Yes! Light therapy treatments are a great way to treat canker sore outbreaks. Numerous trial studies suggest that light treatment can considerably lessen pain from canker sores, mitigate the recovery time for canker sores, and make it easier to eat, drink, and function normally during an outbreak.

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