Massage Therapy

During a massage, a massage therapist uses their hands to manipulate the soft tissues on your body such as your muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, and skin. This treatment is performed with varying levels of pressure applied based upon your body’s reaction. The commonly known benefits of massage therapy include reduced stress, improved sleep, less muscle tension and pain, and improved immune function. Lesser known benefits include reduced constipation, relief of cancer pains, and lessened fibromyalgia symptoms. So many of us could benefit from massage therapy. If you’re interested in exploring our treatment options, reach out today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Stay hydrated, eat something light, dress comfortably, and relax!

We do not advise talking during a massage. It keeps the brainwaves from moving into a state called “theta” which is what we want to happen. We want to encourage as much silence and relaxation as possible.

A 60 minute massage is a great starting point for most people. In order for a masseuse to assess your body and its needs for the first time, anything shorter than an hour is likely not long enough.

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